MayBright Solutions works with interested companies, to improve health for employees through nutrition-sensitive policies.
We work globally to address the complex challenges of human development with a unique mix of multidisciplinary, integrated solutions.
We are a nationally recognized leader in strengthening food assistance and nutrition programs through research, program assessment and design, training, and technical assistance.
Our programs are designed to make measurable and sustainable improvements in farming production and resource utilization through instruction and skills improvement in growing, processing and marketing practices.
Children make up approximately 50% of the total population in developing countries and suffer from the highest mortality of any age group.

Who We Are

MayBright Solutions is an international health and human services research and consulting organization. MayBright Solutions integrates independent research and client-centered consulting to create comprehensive, systems-based solutions that improve health in the US and globally.



We envision a world where delivery of programs are efficient leading towards better health and improved welfare of mankind…more





Our Services

MayBright solutions services are divided into 2 core areas that represent the breath of our expertise.

  1. Development Programs: Primarily represent a mix of grant funding and social entrepreneurship programs.
  2. Business and consultancy services



What We Do

Maybright Solutions is to provide a consistent health standard in every community around the world.



 What We Provide

Maybright Solutions is a human services consulting firm that provides technical assistance and supports to develop, improve children and family programs.


Our Mission

Maybright Solution as a healthcare and human services consulting firm offers to build healthier communities around world in committing to the highest standard when it comes to Client Satisfaction and Continual…read more