MayBright solutions understand that we must live with Serious Chronic Illnesses Associated With Advancing Age. Our objective is to provide meaningful and comfortable lives at a sustainable cost to families and the community. Our experts achieve this by:
• Designing and implementing demonstration projects in communities nationwide, with a particular focus on creating reliable, community-based, integrated elder care models that provide tailored, goal-oriented care and ensure funding for and delivery of the social supports that are vital to the quality of life of older adults;
• Reshaping the framework in which we consider, design, and deliver care for frail elders, recognizing that this aim will require both a profound change in how we organize such care and a shift to making that care more focused on population health with elements of locally control and monitoring;
• Developing and implementing comprehensive care plans that connect medical care providers, social services providers, frail elders, and family caregivers to go beyond the typical retrospective list of medications and problems and expand to consider the likely future, quality-of-life goals, and preferred treatments;
• Promoting and informing public perspectives and dialogue on specific, innovative approaches to improving systems and services and addressing costs; and
• Advocating to inform and guide leaders as they shape policies that will affect all of us as we age.