MayBright Solutions works globally to address the complex challenges of human development with a unique mix of multidisciplinary, integrated solutions. Currently our international development work is mainly in Africa.


Strategic Objectives in International development
• Will seek to invest to improve and expand the underlying longitudinal tracking platform, while continuing to ensure that the research is ethically sound and sensitive to local circumstances.
• Conduct cutting-edge multi-centre research, leveraging its longitudinal tracking: MayBright Solutions seeks to stimulate, facilitate and conduct cutting-edge multi-centre health and demographic research across member Centres.
• Enrich and guide policy that is community responsive and closely linked to the SDGs: MayBright Solutions continue to generate evidence and facilitate the translation of MayBright Solutions findings to enrich and provide evidence on policy, programs and practice
• Strengthen researchers to conduct high quality longitudinal health and demographic studies, analyse and present the data appropriately.
• Build effective partnerships: MayBright Solutions will work with key national and international partners including statistics offices, local government, health and development ministries and agencies, as well as relevant research and educational institutions, to improve the well-being of the populace and be relevant in the district, region and country in which they operate.

Our areas of practice include

o Nutrition
o HIV and Aids
o Maternal and child health
Health System
• Advocacy
• Innovation
• Youth.