Lucy Simiyu- Founder and CEO

Lucy Simiyu is an experienced Health Care and Human Services Consultant .A Nurse and also a public health professional with several years of service in the USA and in the developing countries. She has extensive experience in management and provision of clinical and various healthcare services.Lucy is also skilled in capacity building of health care professionals and has served as an educator in developing countries mainly in Sub Saharan Africa.Lucy has served as a healthcare cordinator for new hires, training and enhancing clinical skills of the nursing and support staff through development and managing curriculum and training. Lucy has also worked in a variety of hospice settings as a crisis care nurse educating families and counselling families to cope with end-of-life issues and subsequent transition. Lucy is currently a doctorate student ( DrPH) at Walden University, a graduate of National university ( MPH).Lucy is also a graduate of College of Biblical studies with BSc in Christian Counselling. Lucy has a passion and commitment for health promotion specifically geriatrics’s health issues to improve public health outcomes and wellness for this population. Lucy’s role includes providing strategic oversight and managing donor and partner relations and resources acquisition.

Robert Wanyonyi – Director of operations.

Robert Wanyonyi currently managing the operations of the organization. Mr. Wanyonyi is responsible for maximizing the organization’s operating performance and achieving its strategic goals. This includes working closely with the CEO Lucy Wanyonyi, to develop strategic directions and to ensure the strategy is translated into practice. Robert has several years experience in health care management in the United States as well as experience living and working internationally . Mr. Wanyonyi is a graduate of the University of Nairobi. Before joining the organization, Mr. Wanyonyi worked for the public service in Kenya and also in the private sector in the marketing and business development departments.

Dr. Grace Chiuri – Programs lead

Dr Grace Chiuri is the Programs lead at MayBright solutions. Dr. Chiuri’s role is to provide strategic leadership for MayBrights Solutions programming work in all thematic areas and sectors for both programming and policy purposes. The main purpose of the role is to strengthen the profile and credibility of MayBrights Solutions’s sectoral & thematic expertise both within the US and internationally. Her role includes supporting the international programs team, US teams and business services team. Dr. Chuiri has a PhD in Education psychology and an associate degree in Nursing (RN).  As a Registered Professional Nurse (RN), Dr. Chiuri has experience of nursing care and clinical knowledge of accepted standards of nursing practice.  She has a broad range of experience and knowledge in regulatory compliance for Medicare/Medicaid certification and State licensure for long term care facilities, home health agencies, intermediate care facilities for the mentally retarded, behavioral health group homes and birthing centers.

Dr. Bernard Ayanga- Business consultancy lead

Bernard Ayanga is the head of the Business consultancy team and is responsible for the development, oversight and execution of the organization’s business growth, strategy and plan. Accountable for managing all aspects of client engagement, including traditional and new partners. Dr Ayanga has several years research experience in biomedical sciences. He is an adjunct chemistry professor at Lone Star College, Houston Texas.

Mukami Nderitu- Program Officer

Mukami Nderitu is a Program Officer at MayBright solutions. Mukami holds a Masters degree MPH from the University of Alabama. Mukami’s  role is to lead program implementation as well as manage grants and initiatives. Mukami is one of the primary liaisons with donors and is also responsible for monitoring and evaluation. Mukami also assists in resource mobilization. Mukami has over 5 years experience in public health program implementation in the US and internationally.

Jane Kishoyian RN.MPH- Lead health care division.

Jane is visionary Kenya Registered Community Health Nurse, Public Health Specialist (BScN, MPH) and team leader with progressive hands on leadership experience in the health sector for more than 15 years.

She is currently working for Christian Health Association of Kenya (CHAK) as the Programme Coordinator for reproductive health, maternal newborn and child health (RMNCH) in Nairobi Kenya.

Jane has an in depth understanding and skill in reproductive programs, maternal, newborn and child health services, family planning and cervical cancer screening and prevention programs.

Jane has hands on US Government programming, proposal development, report writing and team leadership.

She has published a paper on “Factors contributing to Malnutrition among children under 5 years of age in Machakos County, level 5 hospital” with World Journal of pharmaceutical and Medical Research (