MayBright Solutions works throughout the United States to advance health, safety, education and workforce development for people of all ages — particularly those who are underserved. In collaboration with government agencies, foundations, corporations and community organizations, we design, deliver and evaluate services and solutions to address the nation’s most pressing social problems. Over the past two decades, MayBright Solutions has worked with our partners to improve outcomes in HIV/AIDS prevention, obesity prevention, tobacco control, workplace safety, immunizations, early childhood and pre-K through 12 education reform, access to and success in postsecondary education, support for children and young persons with disabilities, workforce development and transition to careers, youth development and engagement, and research and evaluation.
Our work focuses particularly on underserved communities in poor urban and rural areas, on equitable access to high-quality programs and services, and on collaboration with partners to improve health and education outcomes. Our programs:
• Collect evidence of effective policies and practices
• Create research-based programs and communications campaigns
• Establish local, regional and national partnerships
• Build capacity to improve programs and to bring them to scale
• Evaluate progress and outcomes
• Secure resources to sustain effective efforts
Our staff bring to this work a deep commitment to promoting better health, education and well-being for communities across the country. We combine deep technical and content expertise with rigorous research methodologies, strategic planning, marketing and communication, digital media, professional learning and leadership development, and community-oriented capacity development. We build on proven best practices and tailor solutions to meet unique community needs.
Our US programs focus on:
Food and Nutrition
Care for the elderly
Youth programs
Sexual and Reproductive health